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Safety Harbor Kayaking, Tocobaga Tours

About Tocobaga Tours 

"Looking Back at Safety Harbor" 

Image by Good Free Photos
Image by Pj Accetturo
Image by The Tampa Bay Estuary Program
Tocobaga Adventure Outdoors was founded in 2002 to allow people to experience the timeless natural beauty of Tampa Bay. Shortened to Tocobaga Tours, we are located in Safety Harbor, a unique village at the top of the Tampa Bay Estuary with rich Native American history. From the lost tribe of the Tocobaga to current residents and visitors, humans have enjoyed the natural splendor of Tampa Bay for centuries.
Our slogan, "Looking Back at Safety Harbor" not only reflects our vision of sharing the history and heritage of Safety Harbor culture, but also connecting the past and the present in this beautiful environment.  Anyone can experience this feeling of connection by taking a moment to step into the Bay's healing waters. Paddle past the ceremonial mound of the Tocobaga, and look into the past to imagine the Indigenous people hunting and gathering on its shores. 
We as a a business focus on your experience as a customer, putting your needs and safety first. We invite you to explore with us, and we think you'll find an adventure that you will remember for years to come.  
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