Safety Harbor wildlife

Please do not harass, touch, or collect wildlife. Thank you. 

Melongena corona

Florida Crown Conch

Pelicanus Occidentalis

Brown Pelican

Trichecus Manatus

West Indian Manatee

Rhizophora mangle

Red Mangrove

Mangrove seeds can float for thousands of miles...​

Eudocimus albus

American White Ibis 

Tursiops truncatus

Bottlenose Dolphin 

Crassostrea virginica

Eastern Oyster 

ardea alba

Great Egret 

Sabal Palmetto

Sabal Palm 

Limulus Polyphemus

Atlantic Horseshoe Crab

Platalea ajaja

Roseate Spoonbill

Select Images Courtesy of Tampa Bay Estuary Program on Unsplash 


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